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Our work

Whether a patient needs a massage to help them relax and cope with their condition or a new treatment to cure their illness which comes from research we are there working on your behalf.

Research develops advanced treatments and finds techniques to make early diagnoses, but it will always be the small acts of kindness which are particularly noticeable when we are at our lowest and most vulnerable. Our volunteers are dedicated, caring individuals who understand what patients are going through as they themselves have often been a patient. They understand the value of a cup of tea, a newspaper or a friendly ear, just as much as they understand the fear of what results might say and the anxieties of prescribed treatments.

Our ambitions

Our ambitions are to help every patient get the best journey though diagnosis and treatment surrounded by 'Friends' who provide help whenever needed.

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Annual reports

Our annual reports show where our income has come from and how it has been spent to make a difference.

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