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Chase Farm Urgent Care-Dementia friendly project

Working with the dementia leads and the urgent care team the charity are supporting the dementia friendly project to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Arriving at urgent care is stressful for everyone. If you have dementia then new environments, sound and uncertaintly as well as pain can be very upsetting. Our aim is to provide materials which are available to staff and patients to help reduce stress and anxiety, provide distractions and reminiscence prompts. Working with the dementia team packs from the 1950s and 1960s have been created and local supporters have knitted and sewn twiddle muffs and distraction lap mats for patients to use.

Packs, twiddle muffs and lap mats are available through reception staff who can provide them for patients.

This project is supported by donations made to Chase Farm Charity. Each pack costs aproximately £4.00.


1950s reminiscence pack

This pack is a trip down memory lane for those who identify with 1950s. Whether it is the top loader washing machines, cook books or ration book each item is a gem. There are film star cards and a clothes magazine to ponder over. Something to capture a different time.


1960s reminiscence pack

The 1960s pack provides memories of action man and Sindy dolls. No trip was complete without the i-spy books and time at home was often spent building model airplanes and playing scalectric. Patients can enjoy the nostalia of this era with these prompts.


Twiddle muffs

We all love the feel of different fabrics and the distraction of buttons, bows and zips. Our lovely local knitters and sewing supporters create a range of muffs and lap mats covered with bits and pieces to help provide calm and relaxing activities for dementia patients while they wait.

If you are interested in making these please contact the charity office at Chase Farm 020 8375 2186