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St Peter’s Trust for Kidney, Bladder and Prostate Research

St Peter’s Trust is unique in the UK, in funding research on disorders that affect any part of the urinary tract from the kidney to the bladder to the urethra

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The Trust, established in 1970, took its name from St. Peter’s Hospital in central London, which was founded in the 19th century for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disease.

The St. Peter’s Hospital Group and its research and teaching base - the Institute of Urology & Nephrology - are now incorporated into UCL School of Medical and Life Sciences and its associated hospitals.

The research funded by the Trust is focused on increasing understanding of the underlying physiology and improving early diagnosis, preventative measures and new treatments. The reasons to support such work make stark reading:

It will only be through sustained research efforts that the prevention or cures for these painful conditions are found. 

How St Peter’s Trust helps

St Peter’s Trust funds Kidney Bladder & Prostate Research projects aimed at the translation of advances in the understanding of disease into changes to the way that patients are cared for.

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St Peter’s Trust history

Established 1970, St Peter's Trust continues today to fund research into Kidney, Bladder & Prostate disorders.

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St Peter’s Trust Research Projects

Research is the key to a cure. As technology advances new treatments and greater understanding of conditions is possible, providing patients with hope of a better future.

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Supporting St Peter’s Trust

Become a fundraiser for Kidney, Bladder & Prostate Research and help us find a cure.

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