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Read comments posted from patients and relatives who have experienced the difference massage therapy makes.

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So many patients say wonderful things to our therapists about how massage therapy has helped them. We have decided to share some of them with you. If you have your own experience you wish to share please leave a comment for us.

We have received excellent feedback from patients. They are looking forward to having a relaxing experience and report that the therapist is very kind and friendly. They would love to have more than one session a week! (staff) 

My left hand became rather limp, but with massage I can now hold my mobile phone and hold my eye drops box. I can also now feel when my left leg is being massaged when my eyes are closed. So there is improvement on both levels and I am happy about the improvement and hope this will continue. (patient) 

I would like to thank the therapist for providing my mother with weekly massage therapy sessions. Not only does the massage help my mum with any aches, pains and stiffness recovering from a major stroke but to see my mother's face light up when her therapist in to see her is amazing. I can't thank you enough for your services. (Patient)

I feel much better when I get a massage! J.Geddes (Patient) 

The massage therapy given to me at Chase Farm hospital is very soothing to my lower legs and feet.  It is so relaxing that I nearly fall asleep whilst I am having chemotherapy. Thank you for this service, it helps.  Mr Brown (patient) 

Massage therapy has a very relaxing effect on the whole body. It leaves me pain free for quite a time during and after therapy. (Patient)

I am a renal diabetic patient having massage therapy whenever it is available. After the massage I feel so good and can feel the difference when I walk and do things. It is very helpful to me. (Patient) 

It really makes a difference. Now I also do it as best I can at home as well. I don't get so much cramp with dialysis. The therapist has been very good with us. We talk about the session in the waiting room and I look forward to it. M. Mustafa (patient) 

The introduction of massage therapy for our cancer patients has been a huge success. I was a little dubious at first as i felt that not many patients would feel comfortable accessing this service due to the lack of private space. However, the impact has been quite the opposite. Patients are really making use of the service and it has a really positive impact on reducing the anxiety of the patients recieving treatments. It has also opened up more conversations between patients. Lousie Edwards (Lead Nurse for Chemotherapy and Day Care Cancer Services Chase Farm)  

The massage relaxes me and I enjoy the oils. This facility should be in all hospitals.My therapist relaxes me by talking during the massage. B. Ellis (patient) 

The massage is really nice when we are here for a few hours having treatment. L. Hill (patient) 

Provides women and families with an holistic approach and alternative treatment to support women in pregnancy and in the transition to motherhood. Donna Brough (Supervisor of Midwives) 

Women (Patients) and staff on the ward have given really good feedback. Massage Therapy benefits all of the women on our ward, providing a positive environment to recover from birth and enjoy their newborns. It's amazing!! Lucia Diaz Perez (Ward Manager, Victoria ward) 

Massage helps as I came back from a very difficult period at home as my husband was not well. It was good to have a little bit of therapy to boost the energy, help relax and lift my morale after coming to work after 3 weeks. (Staff) 

I had very bad pain and stiff neck for two weeks and my therapist did a massage which really helped and made my neck pain disappear. She was really good and patient. (Staff) 

Keith, you made such an impact on our lives.  Kerry (relative) 

Massage helped relax me. It was a break from worrying about my time, and a chat with a new face. (patient) 

YES! Much more relaxed, and the baby enjoyed it too! It was nice and gentle and just what the doctor ordered after a sleepless night. (patient) 

A lovely, quick pick-me-up after a few difficult days. Thank you! J. Chakraborty (patient) 

Massage greatly relieves the tension in my neck and shoulders. My therapist is excellent and so friendly and I keep telling her I will take her home with me! I look forward to therapy. C. Birdwhistle (patient) 

The therapy I have had at the hospital while attending as an outpatient over the last 12 months has helped me relax and forget all my troubles. (patient)