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The Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals all have different needs for their different departments. By supporting any of these appeals you are enabling patients to have advanced equipment, enhanced environments and those little extra touches.

Accuvein Appeal

The Accuvein machine allows the easy viewing of veins to help insert cannulas in children and those with hard to find veins.

This is one of the most exciting new products in recent times. AccuVein is the most effective way to find veins up to 10mm depth in the most difficult patients.  It is already in use in over 4000 hospitals worldwide and is starting to be recognised within UK hospitals. It can be used in many specialties from neonatal care units to cancer units, operating theatres, bariatric surgery centres and phlebotomy labs.This most versatile product has uses in the training of clinicians and emergency medicine as well.

How does this help?

  • Provides clear location of veins
  • Reduces stress in emergencies
  • Reduces infection due to accuracy as research shows that 70% of hospital acquired infections come from multiple attempts to access the venous system of patients. AccuVein could become one of the most important infection prevention products in use today.

With your support we can provide an additional accuvein machine for the  Royal Free. If, as a parent, you have ever needed your child to have a blood test or cannula inserted you will know how distressing it is when several attempts have to be made due to their small veins. This is painful, stressful and upsetting for all. Having an accuvein machine in each department helps all patients and parents benefit. You can make a difference today!

Each machine costs approx £3,900

To donate quote "Accuvein Appeal" on the donation page

Criticool Appeal

Criticool is a modern type of machine delivering treatment which helps improve our patients’ chances of survival and a positive medical outcome after quite common illnesses.The treatment is particularly beneficial in cases of cardiac arrest and arterial blockage by a clot, as in the case of a stroke. The criticool connects to specialist cooling blankets which are wrapped around the patient lowersing the core body temperature.

Gradually we are finding more clinical evidence that cooling a patient’s body is an ideal treatment. This is because the treatment is not based on medications or unpleasant, complicated and expensive procedures.

The benefits of using the criticool:

  • Cooling the body helps protect the patient's brain
  • A patient with a high temperature who is not responding to other methods will benefit from the criticool to protect the brain from injury
  • Patients suffering from cardiac arrest often have a side effect of increased body temperature and reducing the temperature can prevent brain damage

The Intensive Care unit at Barnet Hospital only has one Criticool machine and there are often two patients who could benefit from the treatment simultaneously.

The Criticool machine costs £14,000

To donate quote "Criticool Appeal" on the donation page

Bladder Scanner Appeal

A non-invasive piece of equipment detecting urinary retention

For many patients in hospital ensuring that they are functioning normally, especially post-op, is a vital sign needed for recovery. The bladder scanner is an accurate way of determining if a patient is able to empty their bladder suffieciently to prevent infection.

How does this help?

  • Provides accurate measurement of retained urine
  • Provides and stores a record which can be added to patient notes 
  • Reducess the speculative need for catheterisation which can itself cause urine infections

Having a catheter should only be done if required as it can cause discomfort or pain to patients and as a procedure carries a risk of infection itself. Not catherising a patients if they need it also increases the risk of kidney or bladder infections. The bladder scanner is a non invasive scanner which can be set for male or female anatomy and is used with gel externally on the patient. It takes a short peroid of time and gives an accurate reading

“This bladder scanner helps with infection control by preventing unnecessary urinary tract infections and is portable so can be used throughout the ward”
Ethna Doyle, Cardiology and MDTU Matron

Each Bladder scanner costs £6,330 

Please donate and quote "Bladder Scanner" and help make a difference to patients on Rowan ward, Barnet Hospital

Interactive Sensory Projector Appeal

The Vista Mobile Sensory interactive technology projector is a ‘motion activated projection sensory machine’ that encourages individual participation of patients to be engaged in, regardless of their age and abilities in projected images.  The images sense when you are touching them and react by changing colour, or changing  the image, or changing shape.

Once you start to look at these beautiful images you will be totally involved in a different and beautiful world that will give a sense of peace and distraction from the busy hospital environment. The projector is mobile so can be used in various areas to ensure the maximum number of patients benefit.

How patients benefit:

  • Stimulates senses and encourages communication
  • Encourages patients out of bed into ward social area
  • Half hour sessions of different scenes, games activities and music
  • Encourages social interaction between patients
  • Provides interaction between patients and volunteers and staff
  • Reducess stress and anxiety

Providing engagement and interaction on our elderlyand dementia wards and Medical Short Stay Unit MSSU Barnet

Each sensory projector costs £7,300

To help fund a projector please donate and quote "Sensory Projector Appeal"