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The Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals all have different needs for their different departments. By supporting any of these appeals you are enabling patients to have advanced equipment, enhanced environments and those little extra touches.

Accuvein Appeal

The Accuvein machine allows the easy viewing of veins to help insert cannulas in children and those with hard to find veins.

This is one of the most exciting new products in recent times. AccuVein is the most effective way to find veins up to 10mm depth in the most difficult patients.  It is already in use in over 4000 hospitals worldwide and is starting to be recognised within UK hospitals. It can be used in many specialties from neonatal care units to cancer units, operating theatres, bariatric surgery centres and phlebotomy labs.This most versatile product has uses in the training of clinicians and emergency medicine as well.

How does this help?

  • Provides clear location of veins
  • Reduces stress in emergencies
  • Reduces infection due to accuracy as research shows that 70% of hospital acquired infections come from multiple attempts to access the venous system of patients. AccuVein could become one of the most important infection prevention products in use today.

With your support we can provide an additional accuvein machine for the  Royal Free. If, as a parent, you have ever needed your child to have a blood test or cannula inserted you will know how distressing it is when several attempts have to be made due to their small veins. This is painful, stressful and upsetting for all. Having an accuvein machine in each department helps all patients and parents benefit. You can make a difference today!

Each machine costs approx £3,900

To donate quote "Accuvein Appeal" on the donation page

Smartseat Chair Appeal

Getting patients in ICU out of bed into a comfortable and varied position has shown to have great benefits for patients. These specialist Smartseat chairs providing a solution when posture, pressure and comfort are important in equal measure and when ICU patients require a wide range of positions for different activities through the day.

Supporting this Appeal will enable you to help patients to improve their outcomes as well as the benefits of feeling they have got out of bed. A change of position and aspect makes all the difference. Each chair costs Approx. £2,500

“Early mobilisation, including sitting out in these chairs, results in better functional outcomes at hospital discharge” Deborah Kirby, Matron of Intensive Care

To donate  quote "Smartseat Appeal" on the donation page

Barnet Hospital A&E Appeal

No-one expects to end up in A&E but our aim is to make the wait the best it can be. The A&E Appeal will provide:

  • Electronic Information Screens – providing waiting times, seasonal health information & nurse in charge details
  • Fast Track Triage Zone
  • Improved  waiting Area with further seating

By supporting this Appeal the Fast Track Triage Zone can be established which will cut patient waiting time. Improving the information for patients waiting reducesses stress and anxiety and an enhanced waiting room provides a more comfortable waiting area.

To donate quote "A&E Appeal" on the donation page