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Meet our Marathon runners

Every year a group of very special people lace up their running shoes and take on the most testing challenge for complete strangers.

This year our 2019 London Marathon runners are running to support patients and each has their own story and motivation for doing so. If you are not able to put running shoes on yourself you can still make a difference by supporting them either on the day or through their page story.


Ben Milan

Ben is running to beat Scleroderma…...when tissue turns to stone. Read Ben’s story and what drives him to run.

Scleroderma is a relatively uncommon autoimmune condition whereby the body attacks its own tissues. The connective tissue underneath the skin and surrounding internal organs and vessels is affected, resulting in thickening of the skin and problems with internal organs and blood vessels. There is currently no cure.

This condition is sometimes referred to as one where tissue turns to stone and was first described in the 18th century. Scleroderma literally means “hard skin”.


Isobel Smith

Isobel is running to beat Scleroderma. Read her story

Making the journey to support scleroderma patients after the loss of her friend’s father Isobel will be taking on the challenge of her life with Ben.


Dave Thomas

Dave is running to support the physio team who have helped him on his journey to recovery. Help make a difference to all those who benefit daily from the physio team, their expertise and encouragement.


Yoko Kijima

Yoko is running to support massage therapy for patients. She was motivated through her experience of meeting Keith Hunt MBE our massage therapy service founder and inspired to make a difference to others. Read her story.


Danielle Lewis

Dani is running to support kidney patients having experienced her own challenges since she was two. Read her story


Carly Burnham

Carly is running to support children with cancer through the Helping Hands Fund. Not satisfied with just helping treat these children she is going the extra 26.2miles for them! Read her story


Alice MacFarlain

Alice is running to find a cure and treatment for the Quiet Cancer- NETs (Neuroendocrine Tumours). That is what you do for a friend! Read her story


Tommy Omeara

Tommy is running for the Barnet palliative care team. He understands what dedication it takes to care for vulnerable patients and what great end of life care can mean to families. Read his story


Ailsa Carmichael

Ailsa is running for the hospital she loves, the patients she cares for and those who will need her in the future. Read her story


Chris Lopez

Chris is running to say thank you to the hospital that cared for his family. Read his story


Jamie Ashwell

Several generations of Jamie's family have benefitted from the care of the Royal Free. Now he is giving back through his own marathon place, endurance and determination, blood, sweat and tears.  Read his story


Caroline Wick

Caroline is running for the Barnet cardiology department. Find out more about what drives her, what living with heart failure means and how the cardiology nurses make a difference. Read her story


Liam O'Connor

Liam is running for the hospital that cared for his sister. Read his story