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Young Volunteers Programme

The Young Volunteers Program will be accepting new applications for all sites during these dates:
6 month program: 1st September – 31st October and 4 week Summer program: 1st March – 31st April
Outside of these dates recruitment will be closed

Our young volunteers are able to meet other young people and develop a wider interaction within the community and society.

We offer a selection of defined roles for younger people with wide and varying interests. Many of our volunteers are keen to pursue careers in the healthcare sector, whilst others want to give back to their local hospital. The Young Volunteers Programme also offers additional opportunities to get involved in from food bank collections to social activities and public speaking. Watch our film to see our young volunters in action.

We ask that our young volunteers:

SatNav Guide

SatNav Guides help lost, confused and anxious patients and visitors to find their destination. The role involves talking and listening to patients, being a companion, and essentially striving to provide a well-rounded service to all patients and visitors.

Ward Helper

Our helpful volunteers provide companionship to patients who may be distressed, in pain or lonely. Through kindness and friendship volunteers might engage patients with a board game, conversation over a cup of tea or perhaps an activity you produce.

Fundraising Volunteer

As a volunteer fundraiser you will get involved with initiatives and events collecting funds to go towards emergency care packs and slippers, massage therapy as well as cutting-edge research and equipment. Read more about fundraising.

Dementia Companion

Often patients with dementia become withdrawn or become anonymous. They can become dehumanised. A dementia companion is there to see the person, not just that patient with dementia. Volunteers are there to provide companionship with specialist tools, games and friendship.

Key contacts

To volunteer at Barnet please email Diana or call 020 8216 4449

To volunteer at Chase Farm please email Millie or call 020 8375 1349

To volunteer at The Royal Free please email Alix or call 020 7830 2306